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Service and Worship Times

  • Sunday Service - 09:45AM
  • Wednesday Family Prayer - 7:00PM
  • Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00PM
  • 1st Friday of the Month - Youth Led Service - 7:00PM

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  • This group seeks to promote involvement among the ladies of our church through ministries and activities designed to meet their needs. 

    This may be accomplished through education/health-related classes on women's issues, fellowship, craft and home fix-it workshops, tea parties with testimonies and prayer.

  • This ministry is designed to help men develop to their full potential spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally by involving them in useful and creative service through the church. This group seeks to promote unity and fellowship through regularly-scheduled meetings, softball, fishing, camping and other activities.

    This group is organized as a fellowship group that strengthens the men of the church through fellowship and provides an avenue of outreach to men in the community.

  • This group is designed for those over the age of 55. We seek to promote unity and fellowship through regularly-scheduled meetings, picnics, fishing trips, and retreats. Special recognition is even given for special events and holidays.

    This group is provided information and referral of federal, community and state services that may be needed. Transportation and assistance for doctors appointments, shopping, and other needs is coordinated for group members.


  • The youth ministry team seeks to promote unity and fellowship among the young people through regularly-scheduled activities, out-of-town trips, annual youth camps, and conferences specifically geared toward the youth.

    Another youth ministry for girls (ages 11-17) offers encouragement and planned activities, such as trips to amusement parks, shopping, lunch, craft-making, or assistance with special school projects.

  • Organized activites are planned and coordinated for single adults for the purpose of fun, fellowship and spiritual edification. This is an opportunity for the single adults to find out particular interests of others. Activities are planned on a regularly scheduled basis.

    Special activities are planned for the purpose of building relationships and influencing those who may be nonmembers of the local assembly. Special activities can apply to a group of singles, widows, widowers, divorced, single parents, never-married, college and career.

Mission Statement

Greetings in that great name of Jesus;

The book of Numbers, chapter 35, tells

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Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution which partners with local churches and districts to develop leaders in the Apostolic model. Purpose In

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