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Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution which partners with local churches and districts to develop leaders in the Apostolic model. Purpose Institute provides curriculum and systems designed to enhance ministry training and make it accessible to emerging leaders.

Tallahassee Campus
Bishop Larry W. Sims - Dean
Jennifer Taylor - Campus Administrator

All are welcome to register for Fall Semester at www.purposeinstitute.com

Winter Semester Class Dates are:

January 29th & 30th
February 19th & 20th
April  22nd & 23rd
May 20th & 21st

June 24th - Graduation

Classes Offered are:

Oneness of God
Instructor - Pastor Ron Baker

Is God one or three?  This class is an in-depth story of the Oneness of God and clearly proves from the Holy Scriptures that God is one.

The Tabernacle
Instructor - Jennifer Taylor

Discover the many types and shadows found in the Tabernacle plan that God gave to Moses and how it is a picture of God's New Testament plan.

Ministry of the Apostles II
Instructor - Pastor Robert Thompson

The zeal and passion for evangelism as exampled by the Apostles of the 1st century. Church is without question where the Church must return.  This is an up-close and personal look at true Apostolic Ministry as recorded in the last 21 chapters of the book of Acts.

Pastorial Studies
Instructor - Bishop Larry W. Sims

The church is living in unprecedented times. Today's pastors have challenges totally unique to this gereation.


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